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You can also check out my work on Github or Codepen. This portfolio site is a constant WIP. Please contact me if you find any bugs!

A thumbnail image of a pizza served with wine.

A mock up website for a business.

A thumbnail of a weather app. The image is of a field on a sunny day.

A weather app created using Node.js.

A thumbnail image of a space shooter video game.

An arcade style game using Pixi.js.

A thumbnail image of a game of hangman.

A hangman game made in React.

About Me

An image of the web developer and site owner, Paul Scanlon.

Hi, I'm Paul, a Web Developer from Milton Keynes, UK.

I have a passion for building sites and apps in clean, easy to maintain code.
I am constantly striving to perfect my code and learn new technologies and skills.

When I'm not writing code, I am an avid gamer and wannabe chef.

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